Sony followed Canon by making it easier to use its digital cameras as webcams but on Windows only

Sony today announced the release of a new Desktop application, ‘Imaging Edge™ Webcam’, that allows users to easily transform their Sony digital camera[i] into a high-quality webcam by simply connecting it to a PC[ii] via USB[iii], free of cost.

‘Imaging Edge Webcam’ allows users to live stream and video conference in one easy step while also taking full advantage of Sony’s advanced imaging technology, such as industry-leading autofocus, high-resolution picture quality and additional unique features of each compatible camera.

A list of supported cameras from Sony’s website. Screenshot: Sony

Sony isn’t the only camera manufacturer to release software like this. Over the past few months, CanonOlympusPanasonicFujifilm, and even GoPro have all launched programs that make it easier to use their cameras as webcams.

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