#SaveYourInternet article 13..

You might’ve heard of article 13.

I’t a new European copyright law and it has the right intentions but the wrong consequences is trying to make sure that the work of artists and music producers isn’t plagiarized without a credit. But the way it’s phrased means that YouTube themselves will be liable for anything that any one of its a hundred million users uploads that contains any amount of material that they don’t 100% own. So currently when I make any video content as a content creator I’m not allowed to use a picture from someone else even if I provide credits which is considered fair use, but from what I can see even this wouldn’t be okay with the new regulations.

the dark ages of the Internet have begun that’s how much the European copyright directive is going to change everything you used to know about the internet from a place of ultimate individual empowerment innovation and freedom internet will now be a tool for
automated surveillance and centralized control the European union’s copyright directive is another head that is going to leave a mark on the face of the internet this is how Europe will destroy the Internet traditionally those who uploaded content were primarily responsible for its legality this rule
has been discarded the directive makes online platforms liable for the content generated by their users that means that on top of punitive and vaguely worded terms of services internet gatekeepers. like Facebook Google or Twitter will be required by law to proactively monitor and censor content these online.


platforms will be required by law to create automated mechanisms to filter infringing content such technology would essentially turn into upload filters these automated filters won’t be recognizing between infringing and legitimate content like parodies satire commentary or other instances of fair
use to balance the flaws of automated upload filters the directive also requires platforms to build staffed systems for filing complaints for illegitimate stake downs.

we’ve got a better chance of reaching policy makers , use the hashtag #SaveYourInternet everywhere as much as you can, make them realize how much of a consequence this article 13 could make and share this message on your platforms of choice.

Article 13

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