I preordered Google stadia

I did make a mistake and preordered again. It’s a problem because I have a rule which says NEVER DO A PREORDER and advise everyone not to gamble and buy fish 🎣 in the water.

This time I preordered google Stadia, I know it’s not the Netflix of games as we all wanted it to be. But still, cloud computer idea is so fascinating at least from my POV. Now I’m not buying or upgrading a console/PC and enjoying living on the edge for a couple of months then watching it ageing till I through it away eventually or at least selling the old console for cheap.

Still, I’m gambling because if google decided to kill Stadia project as they tend to do usually. Have a look here there’re 176 for now and I hope it wouldn’t be 177 counting Google Stadia at this list.

When you signup and preorder stadia you get: Three months Stadia Pro and another 3 months stadia to share it, Founder’s Badge, Buddy Pass, Stadia name and for sure Stages Founder’s Edition (the limited founder edition joystick) 🕹 .

For anyone would think that this is silly and computer gaming is the best please watch this video to see how pricey to game in 4K on a PC:

Play Video

Note: I’m not a  serious gamer and I advise you not to do the same because you might end with nothing not even you purchased games from Stadia, because there will be no platform anymore to play these games dah!

Price in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 : €129 and $129 in the USA.

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