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Nassim Dirany


I am a natural storyteller who is passionate about capturing experiences through digital media. I offer compelling digital solutions where I tell an authentic story that actually resonates, thus converting customers to brand advocates. I am highly experienced in videography, animation, design, web, post-production and other forms of media documentation. I am self-driven to solve complex challenges and work relentlessly to wow my clients and exceed their needs. 

I work in a creative, dynamic and fast paced environment while ensuring the highest quality, service and support. I have the ability to take digital storytelling or graphics from concept to production to edit/completion in a timely manner. Finally, I believe in bringing a unique perspective to projects while adhering to overall strategic plan and brand continuity. Projects can include campaigns, promotions, lyrics videos and artworks for use in a variety of materials.


 I create awesome stuff 

I kicked off my career as a graphic designer. At that point in life, I did everything possible to enrich my knowledge. I designed books, flyers, logos, brand identities… My love for design never stopped. I was able to build and expand my career to become a video editor and animator and I was capable of directing/creating Ads, TVCs, Infographics, Business Briefs, Lyrics Videos, and Webshows.

Over the past 14 years of my career, I have worked as a freelancer and in agencies where I was able to improve my proficiency and efficiency. All along, I have invested my time and effort to build full-fledged websites for NGOs, big institutions, municipalities among other businesses in various industries. During my journey I also expanded my network and now I can hand-pick a specialized team to fulfill all my client’s needs.

Web Design, Develop & Hosting

I plan, design and develop a high end functional websites for your business. Social integrated and friendly with all devices.

Video and Animation

I can describe your business in a briefed consumable video captured with camera or in an animated graphic form.

Visual Design

Years of experience in screen and print design (logo, book, composing, retouching..). Speed, quality and creativity are my words. I love it and I know how to do it well!


 My Achievements 


Cool Number


Cool Number


Cool Number


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 My capabilities 

I’ve always been passionate and grabbed toward pixel art and technology. Following my passion and dedicating years to build a variety of skills and keeping up with everything new in graphic design, web design and technologies, cameras video/photo, computer hardware/software, online media and how to grab attention and build a viral content.

Editing a video is a  multi step process I’ve been able to close the whole chain.
Capturing: Directing and operating a wide rang of cameras.
ColoringDavinci ResolveSpeedgrade (old) and advanced Mocha rotoscoping.
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut pro.

I like to call motion design, bringing life to the static graphics is magic using:

My beloved Adobe After Effects, Element 3D and Cinema 4D.

My love for design never stopped.
Designing for: web, videos identities, animation elements, printing and for social media…
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Lightroom.

I would never call myself a developer but I’ve always been able to use opensource tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.
Plus Adobe Muse, Adobe Dreamweaver in addition to my design skills to create a stunning full fledged websites like this one.

After effects
Cinema 4D

My work

 Some random project 

I work my dream job and I am proud to present nearly all of what I have done so far for every project is worthwhile. To date, I am keen on learning and doing whatever it takes to bring out the best in me.

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Iam Kamu

Social media

Filming, Editing

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Pure Leaf

Social paid media AD

Directing, Editing, Coloring, Art directing

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Chevrolet Trax

Social media campaign

Editing, Coloring, Directing, Graphics

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Dano Light

TVC /YouTube/Social media

After Effects


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